Systems Biology is an emerging field expected to have major impact on the future of biological and medical research. It aims at system-level understanding of biological processes employing mathematical analysis and computational tools to integrate the information content obtained in experimental biology. The Yeast Systems Biology Network proposes the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model system to develop the field and to advance our understanding of the rules and principles of the dynamic operation of cellular systems.

The Network will serve the integration of activities in yeast systems biology. It is proposed to be based on a web resource, which will allow the research community to contribute data as well as mathematical models and to simulate biological processes. The community will then through further experimentation contribute to the recursive refinements of the models to advance our understanding of the biological process. The vision is to generate reference models of budding yeast, eventually at the level of the whole cell. The Network will facilitate the cooperation between experimental yeast researchers and theoreticians. The Network will stimulate the generation of quantitative data generated in time courses and containing information on the spatial distribution of the individual components of the yeast cell. Development of relevant experimental as well computational tools will be an important goal of the Network.

Researchers interested in the goals of YSBN are welcome to join and to contribute with data, models, training activities, ideas....

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YSBN workshop at the ICSB2005 in Boston.

Please register and submit abstracts by sending an e-mail to Roberta Mustacchi, e-mail: rm(att)

Programme and abstracts are here.

The workshop will be held on Sunday, Oct 23, between 0900-1700. It will consist of some invited talks, tals selected from abstracts, posters and a discussion round.